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Five Important Facts about Photo Editing

The process of editing, transforming and alteration of photographs present in the digital form is called photo editing. Traditionally, the purpose of photo editing was done by the use of airbrushes that could modify the photographs to some extent. Today there are numerous soft wares, tools and machines that can be used to do the […]

Video Editing Musicals and Dance Shows

The Essence of Videos Perfectly captured and produced videos are made to turn the important moments of a person’s life into memories. It is a means to reminisce both the positives and negatives like happiness and sadness as well as failures and success.For dance teachers, it is used as a tool to market their studio. […]

Tips and tricks for taking photos of your dog at home

As you bring a dog into your house, you turn him into a member of the family.  The one member that will depend on you for all his life but will reciprocate tenfold by bestowing you lots of love.  We all want to capture all the amazing photos with our dog.  But then we realize […]

How to create and edit own video

Creating and editing your own video is easier than what you think.  It does take some time, especially if you are new to it, but it is rewarding.  We will briefly walk you through the steps needed for the best video shooting and editing experience. The type of video There are many kinds of videos […]

The best apps for photography

Not everyone is a photographer.  Not many have the knack for great photography. Back in the days taking photography was pretty painful and well, just thinking that we had to wait at least 24 hours to find out which pictures to throw away, was not really enthralling. Today, pretty much anyone can take a picture […]

How to be productive through long photo editing stints

It’s true, photo editing is even harder than taking the photo itself. It requires concentration, skills and a good amount of time to finish. With that, it might really be hard for some to become productive especially if you have been working for hours and you still can’t get everything right. During a long photo […]