The best apps for photography

Not everyone is a photographer.  Not many have the knack for great photography. Back in the days taking photography was pretty painful and well, just thinking that we had to wait at least 24 hours to find out which pictures to throw away, was not really enthralling.

Today, pretty much anyone can take a picture and decide if they want it or not.  Oh, if only we would have had that back in the days, oh joy!  People can even use awesome filters, shades, photoshop, and whatnot to make their photos look stunning.  What a great time to be alive!

Today we have apps.  Mobile applications that allow us to have awesome pics on our Facebook profile. We have curated the best apps for photography.  Because cheating did not harm anyone, now did it?


This is one of the most popular photo apps out there.  It is great for the social person that wants to have a better control of the pictures they take. This application allows you to line up your shots correctly, tweak saturation, grain, shadows and more.  All of the editings happen swiftly and very easily by sliding on the phone.  Once the masterpiece is done, it can automatically be uploaded to social media.


This application is exclusive for iOS.  It is a great tool for giving your photos a nice final touch.  Features included in the app include the ability to manually control exposure and focus. It also prevents blurry picture thanks to a “stabilizer”.  You can also improve the clarity of pictures.


This app is mostly recommended for professional photographers.  It allows for you to customize a picture on an almost pixel-by-pixel basis. The filters and photo editing features can be obtained from templates but the application also allows very specific and fine-tuning photoshopping.

So many features could also be intimidating to some, but advanced photographers will find it swell.  This app is available for both iOS and Android.

Adobe photoshop express

A selection of the best Adobe Photoshop features has been placed into a mobile app.  As a result, a very intuitive application allows you make awesome editings, Adobe Photoshop style.

All of the editing tools you would from a Photoshop service, times 1000.  It truly is a versatile Photoshop tool that you want to have for practice on best shots.


With a very ample selection of free background, pick the right colors to do a project.  There are many of them in stores and supply chains.  Pick one of the best editing tools out there.

If you or your business ever need to work on a application for your buisness.  Just throw a call at AY Tech, they will surely solve your issue in very little time.




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