Tips and tricks for taking photos of your dog at home

Tips and tricks for taking photos of your dog at home

As you bring a dog into your house, you turn him into a member of the family.  The one member that will depend on you for all his life but will reciprocate tenfold by bestowing you lots of love.  We all want to capture all the amazing photos with our dog.  But then we realize that taking the picture our pooch deserves can be daunting sometimes.  Today, we will provide you with some tips and tricks to get the best pictures of your dog at home.

Get your dog used to the camera

The clicking sound of the camera can sometimes be enough to startle your dog.  Ideally, start taking picture of the surrounding instead of your dog.  You might have his attention or he might take it as playtime and try to snatch the camera from your hand.  When you see that he is no longer concentrated on you or your camera and gets down to his own business, begin taking pictures.

Just make sure your dog is pretty relaxed.  Do not get all high-pitchy and excited.  He will detect danger and simply run away from you.

Get your dog’s attention

If you want to take a picture of the dog staring at you, then you are up for a challenge.  One very simple trick to get this is to use a toy of a ball that will get your dog’s attention.  Technically, placing a ball on top of your camera might make the dog look to the camera.  However, be aware of the fact that, depending on your dog´s personality, he might actually get too feisty at the sight of a toy and you will actually not get the desired effect.

Make your dog smile

The best way to do this is to spend some playing time with your dog.  A dog that is playing is a happy one.  Once the exercise is over, take advantage of the moment and snap!

Shutter speed

Dogs will always be moving unless you want to take a picture of your dog while he sleeps or eats.  Shutter speed is very important here, then.  However, consider that a faster shutter speed will not take enough light.  Balance this out by going outdoors into the light.

No flash rule applies here

The reasons for not using flash are the same as for any other type of picture:  it reduces natural lighting.  In the case of your dog, the flash will hurt his eyes.  Take advantage of the natural light to reduce the need for a flash.  Also, be careful with dark backgrounds.  If your dog is black, try to contrast him with light colors, for instance.

Be patient

Taking the perfect photo of your dog requires time and you must be patient. Remember that this is not common for your dog. Unless your dog is a camera fashionista, he is likely to see the camera as a strange object.  You do not necessarily have to chase your dog around.  Sometimes, the perfect moments are just there, waiting for you to seize them.

Get going with photoshop

When using photoshop, make sure you apply it correctly and focusing on popping your dog´s best features.

Delight yourself taking pictures of your pet all the way.  If you still do not own a dog and still cannot make up your mind, we advise you a LabraDoodle.  They make very nice pets for first-time owners. The best option to get a perfectly healthy pet is casaDoodle.

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