We upload final files to the job directory and than client can download these files easily

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There are many options available for online photo sharing with us. Send and receive files easily with our ftp facilities or third party servers. We have fast and safe server with vast storage capacity. We provide individual flexible options to our clients for sending and receiving any size (big or small) files.


Our Own Web Based Upload-Downloader Option

We have 2 web based facilities that allows you to upload and download your files in our own server both are highly developed and you can upload and download files as large as you need. You would have access to them for requesting a quote or place an order.

Our FTP Facilities

If you feel comfortable to use FTP(File Transfer Protocol) server then just send a request to us and we will create your own personalized FTP account which let you login access, with FTP you can download and upload file easily.


Third Party Options

You may also use third party options to send files to us such as Box.com, Dropbox.com, copy.com, wetransfer.com, jumpshare.com, filesnack.com, Hightail etc. as your preference.

You may discuss with us for uploading and downloading files. It will very effective and let both of us to choose a best option.